Look at how the Jewish vermin are squealing in horror at the mere utterance of our name. They lie, and they lie, on top of lie, on top of lie, for they are not of the Truth. These filthy kikes bullshit and spin tales about us in every article, for they know they have nothing on us. Using an encrypted email provider or having lots of black in our posters is not indicative of association with any other group. Encrypted emails are practical, and black & white posters look cool.


“Both are problems because they’ve worked out a way of making very slick, very effective propaganda.” – Steve Rose, Faith Matters (The Independent, 29th Sept. 2017). This article where Faith Matters briefly speculates about us shows that we have been active longer than just December as you wrongfully stated in the Daily Record Article “Hope Not Hate said: ‘SRN appeared about one month ago’”. Daily Record article published on 27th December 2017.

Archive link of Daily Record article: http://archive.is/sF0KU

Archive link of The Independent article: http://archive.is/Sjlag


You see us as a threat and published the Daily Record article filled with slander because you saw our lovely Christmas video where we were helping the homeless. Why do you want us to stop helping the homeless? That is not very festive of you, you hook-nosed wankers.


If you had two brain cells to rub together and an internet connection, you could see that we are not associated with any banned organisation. We rebranded from Vanguard Britannia due to issues with Vanguard America’s leadership back in August. We have been active as the System Resistance Network since August, not only within the last month. You know this yourself. Everyone with 5 minutes of time on their hands can see this. And this pisses you off, because you know that the SRN is not a front for National Action, NS131 or Scottish Dawn.


But wait, you lot are so fucking stupid and misguided that you don’t know what we’re about. You consult “far right experts” about us when we are not far right. We exist outside of the left-right spectrum. Nobody in the BNP, National Front et cetera can comprehend us because we are entirely different from them. They are feeding you false information and you’re sucking it up like cum off the floor of a sodomy bar because you’re desperate for answers.


The Racial Holy War is inevitable. Through the Racial Holy War, the Last Battalion consisting of Charles Manson, George Lincoln Rockwell and other Aryan heroes, and the New Reich shall return to Earth and establish the Organic State through the chaos, achieving Endsieg and Total Aryan Victory. Kalki shall bring us out of the Kali Yuga and into the Satya Yuga, and all race traitors and race defilers shall be burned in Holy Fire under Kalki’s wrathful gaze.


Does that sound like anything any other group has said before? No, it does not, you dumb cunts. Go do your research properly before trying to talk about us. We know that you are just scared because you cannot comprehend us, so at least be truthful when attacking us because we are providing you with a lot of material. Does it piss you off that we embrace being called Nazis? Does it feel bad to have all this power you feel you are entitled to suddenly vanish?

Do your damn jobs properly and start researching us from scratch. Do not try to make shit up that is completely untruthful and for which you have no evidence for.


Hope Not Hate is playing on the fears of the public to push/achieve a political goal, that in fact makes them terrorists.

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