What do our people believe in now? This haunting question was once asked by one of Britain’s great intellectuals, Jonathan Bowden. After addressing the fact that Christianity had fallen, he went on to talk about how our people knew very little of our history, and ultimately very little of our identity. They had forgotten what it means to be British, to be European. And this still rings true today.

Happiness has replaced greatness. Our people today believe in instant self-gratification; in that which is merely material, artificial and quite simply alien to our race. They believe in fast cars, “good” television, drugs, alcohol and sex. If you even mention or attempt to talk about concepts which exist outside of us (that do not fit the Jewish narrative), You are ostracized by society and its white thralls.

Our people once had, and a few of our people still have within them, what Dr. William Pierce called “The Divine Spark”. It is in our racial soul. It is what attracts us to the noble, the beautiful and the natural, it is what gives us that spirit, that drive and the sheer will to resist; to surmount the insurmountable, so that we can continue our evolutionary struggle towards God.

If you were to say that to a regular white man in the street he would regard you as a psychotic patient. It is because of this, that the masses of today will never be able to understand our worldview.


“Just as the Aryan Race is the highest order of being yet produced by nature on this planet, so too is National Socialism the highest, most sophisticated, and advanced creed yet formulated by the White Man for his own betterment. Nothing more than that today exists, nothing more is required. It represents all of our needs.” – James Mason



The general consensus among the racially aware nationalists of today is that it doesn’t matter what ideology or philosophy you follow, so long as it is able to fix the racial problems of today. But we understand that this way of thinking is wrong; not only is it wrong, but it’s a lie. There is only one way, one path, one truth; and that is National Socialism.

This statement does not come from the far reaches of the Machiavellian mind, but from the understanding that we have to look beyond today. We have to rediscover those Golden Age ideals, we have to give into the divine spark inside of us in order to heal the spiritual illness, our race is suffering from today.

Only when our race has spiritually healed can we reclaim our eternal destiny.


“The acceptance of our truth not only burdens us with the responsibility that other men have shunned throughout history, it bestows on us a mantle of moral authority that goes along with the responsibility, the moral authority to do whatever is necessary in carrying out our responsibility. Furthermore, it is an acceptance of our destiny, an unlimited destiny, a destiny glorious beyond imagination, if we truly have the courage of our convictions. If we truly abide by the demands that our truth places upon us, it means that while other men continue to live only for the day, continue to seek only self-gratification, and continue to live lives which are essentially without meaning and that leave no trace behind them when they are over, we are living and working for the sake of eternity. In so doing, we are becoming a part of that eternity.” – Dr. William Luther Pierce

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