Basic Requirements

  • Located in the United Kingdom.
  • You must be White/European.
  • No homosexuals, transsexuals, miscegenators, or any other sexual degenerate.
  • Physically fit, or willing to become so.
  • No current drug use, with the exception of tobacco and alcohol (used socially).
  • No lifestyle choices that do not reflect the values of the group.

You must have a solid understanding of the Fascist Worldview to be considered. We do not want to waste our time educating you to bring you up to standard, especially if it turns out that you are not destined to understand the Worldview. Educate yourself first before applying.


Application Instructions

  1. Download Tor
  2. Create a Protonmail email address using the Tor browser. Only access the email address through Tor. If you have an issue with creating the email address on Tor, download a VPN and create the email using a clearnet browser, then proceed to only access it via Tor.
  3. Do NOT reveal any personal information in the application. Do not tell anybody that you are applying either, especially through digital means.


Application Form. Send detailed answers.

Name you wish to be known as (Do not use your real name):

Age range (For example, if you are 18, say you are 17-20):

Region/County (If you live in a small town/village, do not tell us its name):

How you found out about us:

Political Ideology:

How you came to believe in said ideology:

Religious Beliefs:

Why you want to join:

What you can contribute (skills etc):


Send your application to TEMPORARILY REMOVED


IMPORTANT: YOU MUST CONTACT US USING A PROTONMAIL ACCOUNT. Any emails not sent from this service will be ignored. Using Protonmail and Tor is for your own safety.