If you are curious enough to visit this website, then hopefully you are curious enough to educate yourself on National Socialism and the Fascist Worldview. Some of these articles and pieces of literature are written in a fictional context to ease you in and give you a basic understanding of Fascism/NS. They are listed in a general order to be read.


A Squire’s Trial – Alexander Slavros, Charles Chapel

Faith and Action – Helmuth Stellrecht

Next Leap – IronMarch

Mein Kampf – Adolf Hitler (Stalag Translation)

National Socialism: The Biological Worldview – Povl H. Riis-Knudsen

White Power – George Lincoln Rockwell

Zero Tolerance – NOOSE

Awakening of a National Socialist – IronMarch


Other recommended readings


Fascism: 100 Questions Asked and Answered – Oswald Mosley

Might is Right – Ragnar Redbeard

This Time the World – George Lincoln Rockwell