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The Truth about the Holocaust

“Did the Holocaust happen?” Many ethnonationalists, fascists of all races, even some Jews themselves say that it did not. Other groups of varying ideologies, worldviews, ethnicity et cetera say that it did. But what is the actual truth? The truth is that does not matter whether the Holocaust happened or not. What matters is that […]

Hail Victory

We do not care that the world and the System is against us. We do not care that there are those who oppose us. Why do we not care? Because Total Aryan Victory shall be achieved no matter what. The Führer’s Light shines down His Holy Truth upon us, and we bask in His glory. […]

They will never understand.

What do our people believe in now? This haunting question was once asked by one of Britain’s great intellectuals, Jonathan Bowden. After addressing the fact that Christianity had fallen, he went on to talk about how our people knew very little of our history, and ultimately very little of our identity. They had forgotten what […]

Homosexuality: The Eternal Social Menace

Homosexuality, faggotry, sodomy, whatever you want to call it, has been a blight on mankind for millenia. There are 3 types of faggots; Those who are born that way due to hormone fluctuations in the womb; therefore, a deformity. Those who are turned that way due to abuse as a child; therefore, a mental illness. […]